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Not A Virgin
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Nicki is Part of the Pornstar Platinum Network!
I lost my Virginity on January 15th, 2011 on Before I lost my virginity, I went to College in Key West for Photography.
And while there I took over 100,000 Photos of myself, Naked & in Naughty places allowing my Kinkiness thrive! Plus, also photos of my Hymen!
I was a Pervert & it Turned me on, knowing that one of these days these pictures would be on the internet for you all to see what my life was like as a Virgin!
These photos are very special to me, they are photos of my REAL life from the ages 18 - 21 & I'm finally revealing them for the first time, only to my members!
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This Strawberry Blonde Girl Next Door Is Not A Virgin Anymore!